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StoreForce is a fast growing web design agency in Bogotá and we have been developing WordPress websites for many years. We offer a full service approach to web design and online marketing with the goal of converting your visitors and prospects into customers.

Why Wordpress?


We build your website entirely in WordPress, so you can manage it yourself after delivery.

Blazingly fast

A slow website has negative effects on the user experience, site traffic, and SEO. Websites that are optimized for performance have an advantage over slow websites.

Responsive web design

An optimal user experience on any device! Lower bounce rates and improved conversion rates.

Highly scalable

With the right infrastructure, services and resources, WordPress is highly scalable. It can serve tens of thousands of logged-in users at a time and deliver hundreds of millions of monthly page views.

We are experienced with:

Nothing is impossible.

In today’s competitive marketplace, your website is either perfect or you are left behind. We make sure your presence won’t be left unnoticed.

You need systems that are reliable, powerful, flexible, future proof, and whose organization you can trust to work in the best interest of society. WordPress is all of these things, and we know WordPress. We design websites in WordPress, we build powerful applications in WordPress, and we can scale WordPress to work for both small and enterprise-level organizations. WordPress currently accounts for 37% of the worlds websites. It is an open source, nonprofit community.


Give me a call today, I would be happy to explore all options for your situation!

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Managed WordPress Hosting

Blazingly fast.

Speed is important! The first reason to optimize your website's loading times is that it improves the usability of your website. Visitors don't have time to wait or they will drop out. A second reason is that Google also uses the speed of your website to determine your search engine position. No problem with us!

Your data is safe.

A secure high performance web hosting environment. Not only do we offer the possibility of installing a free SSL security certificate on your domain, we also scan your website for security problems. Our servers are equipped with a firewall and are backed up 4 times a day. Your website is also backed up externally every day. In other words, your data is always safe and accessible.


More and more people are using mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. Mobile usage is taking off. Not only surfing but also visiting social media, email and online shopping is increasingly done via a mobile device. All websites we develop are "responsive", and are optimally displayed on mobile, tablet and PC!

Tell us about your project, and our experts will share ideas and recommendations for how to make it successful!

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